Title Description Type Requirements Version Author
Channel Defense RAF is to protect ships in the channel in sector J-10. Luftwaffes job is to try and sink the ships. Attack and bombing on enemy airfields is allowed Dogfight 4.04m 1.0 RAF_Loke

Operation SoftIce - Full Blown May 1944, France just before D-Day. Multible targets. See briefing for targets. Dogfight 4.04m 2.0 RAF_Loke

Operation SoftIce - Full Blown-Night Same as above, but at night with special night target added. Dogfight 4.04m 1.0 RAF_Loke

Jet Age One Fighter and one bomber base each, becareful of AA on both sides. Major ground-battle is taking place at Houffalize, both sides could use air to ground attack. Other ground targets are each other bases and what ever you might find of ground targets. Dogfight 4.04m 1.0 RAF_Loke

Stallion Wings
Battle between Me-163 and BI-1. Start is airborne at 10.000ft. Have fun settings on but with limited fuel. Try and land when you run dry. Dogfight 4.04m 1.0 RAF_Loke

Pre-BoB Short Battle of Britain look-a-like (1941)
Made out from the Channel Defence mission above.
Dogfight 4.08m 1.0 RAF_Loke

Bridge down Destroy 2 bridges in France near caen in 1944 before D-Day. As allied you fly the Jug, and as Axis you have the 190 and 109. Coop 4.08m 1.1 RAF_Loke

Essen Red: Must destroy factory in city Essen in grid J7
Blue: Must defend city Essen from bombers.
Dogfight 4.08m 1.0 RAF_WhiteEagle

Kiev Red: Must destroy bridge and enemy units near Kiev
Blue: Must defend Kiev and destroy enemy forces in grid AQ 5
Dogfight 4.08m 1.0 RAF_WhiteEagle

Memel Red: Target is city Memel and units that are there(4 Panz. Div and GrossDeutschland)
Blue: Destroy enemy bombers and try to atack enemy units in grid H7 and J10.
Dogfight 4.08m 1.0 RAF_WhiteEagle

Ploeshti2 Red: Going to Romania to destroy factories and fuel storages near Ploeshti(in grid M11)
Blue: Must defend city Ploeshti in grid M11
Dogfight 4.08m 1.0 RAF_WhiteEagle

Tirpitz Red: Must sink Tirpitz in grid L11
Blue: Must destroy ship conwoy in grid D2
Dogfight 4.08m 1.0 RAF_WhiteEagle


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