Who we are and our history


We are Foxtrot Squadron, part of Stallion Strike wing, The European
contingent of RAF662 CFSG.
RAF662 CFSG place a great deal of pride in our pilot's ability to be good
sportsmen both in winning and losing. We strive for a balanced playing
field in all of our games and missions. We enjoy camaraderie and the
company we keep. We place great value on the bonding of our pilots.
Making friends is not the reason for the RAF662 but it is a great benefit to
belonging to a group that values team work, learning and discipline, not
numbers. The Pilots of the RAF662 CFSG pride themselves in their
The RAF662 Experience can be summed up in the phrase: " A team of Gentlemen
simulating the authentic era and adventures of the WWII Skies. We share a
common purpose, which tends to make us a highly motivated community of
like-minded individuals.
The RAF662 is for dedicated pilots who want to learn, have fun, and can act
in a mature, gentlemanly manner.

Foxtrot Squadron



The Squadron was created back in 1999 when the RAF662 was growing fast.
In the beginning the Squad was mainly US-based but had RAF_Savage (UK) as S/L and RAF_Snoopy, RAF_Jester and RAF_Wedge as members. See old note from RAF_SmokyDaBear below:

For Foxtrot specifically, I don't remember much- I was first assigned to Echo, with Savage filling in as SL. Echo and Foxtrot were both mostly US-based at that time. All the squads have been shifted around and reorganized quite a few times as you know. Really only Delta has maintained a consistent UK-oriented structure.

Individual members are easier to remember- I did a lot of flying with Snoopy, Jester, and Wedge from Foxtrot.

At some point in the summer/autumn ’99 it became an European Squadron with RAF_Bip as the first Squadron Leader with RAF_Echo7 as his 2IC (Second in Command).
Many of the pilots then were newbee’s that has enlisted in the autumn and winter 1999.
The simulator used then was the original CFS “Combat Flight Simulator” the hottest Combat Flight Sim then.
People meet on The Zone and the favourite games was Ark Royal landings, Bombruns Interlaken – Bern and then of course “Under the bridge” in London.
A game we also enjoyed (Especially RAF_Duffer) was all vs all in Camels over Yanks.

RAF_GONZO in Camel fight.

In summer 2000 the RAF662 had the first meeting at the Flying Legends air show in Duxford, and some of the Foxtrot members meet face to face.

In the end of 2000 CFS2 was released, and we moved to the Pacific. It was here we got our first base scenery made by Prop, later Bip made a better version of it not so FPS hostile.
It was also here Prop introduced a new game, “The Sitting Duck”. Labels were off and those parked on the ground were not allowed to take off until after the initial attack. So people used every skill to hide on the ground so they wouldn’t be seen.
It always ended in some intense dogfighting.

Then Bip made a Foxtrot Base in the desert (It was here the reason to make Foxtrot a desert-based squadron was born), which became rather popular within the whole RAF662. There we had races in the valleys, we had “kick the can” in the nearby mountains. It was also then we had the first real combined Wing games, where all three Squadrons in Stallion Wing were present.

Foxtrot ready for a race in Goony's. 18th. Oct. 2002.

Other sceneries were made and we began to move back to Europe, especially after the release of Mshins’ ETO planes like the 109, Spitfire, Do-17, Ju-87, FW’s and so on.
It also became easier with CFS2 to build missions.

It became summer and again the RAF662 members left their homes to go to Duxford. And for the first and never since a whole Squadron meet in real life. That was great fun.

RAF_Prop - RAF_Cobber - RAF_Bip - RAF_Radar - RAF_Loke
RAF_Sierra - RAF_MOZZIE - RAF_Echo7 - RAF_Duffer

Then the pressure on the Squadrons became too big, and a new Squadron in a new Wing was formed. The new Squadron was named Mike Squadron and the new Wing was named Eagle Strike Wing. It consisted of Foxtrot, Golf and Mike Squadron.

It’s first Wing Commander became RAF_Loke, who also was the first Foxtrot member to become W/C.

We were now in the year of 2002 and shortly after the third Duxford meet, we began to loose members. I believe generally people were getting tired of CFS2, and we were waiting for CFS3.

November 2002 it was released, we tried everything with it. We did have some great fun but also some frustration. In beginning of 2003 we heard about a new sim. Called Il-2 Sturmovik, a Russian made game. Some people loved it from the beginning and some hated it. It lead to a split up in the RAF662 because it was decided that the RAF should use CFS3 as it’s core sim. Several US members left to start up their own group because they preferred the new sim.

We fought on with CFS3 and lost more and more members.

Mike Squadrons pilots ended up with joining Foxtrot every time, and in the end it was decided to close the Squad and only a few months later when Sierra left, there was not pointed out any successor as W/C of Eagle Wing, which doomed it.
Foxtrot and Golf Squadron once again joined Stallion Wing.

At this time we also began to fly the latest versions of Il2, the Forgotten Battles, which became extended later with Ace Expansion Pack and later again with Pacific Fighters, and several patches.

Over the years the Group and the squadron have lost many members but also gained new once, and we are still here today.



Squadron Leaders of Foxtrot Squadron:


Past members


RAF_Savage: 1999

RAF_Bip: 1999 – 2000. Stepped down.

RAF_Echo7: 2000 – 2001. Stepped down.

RAF_Prop: 2001 – 2002. Stepped down.

RAF_Loke: 2002 – 2003. Promoted to W/C of Eagle Strike Wing

RAF_Sierra: 2003 – 2004. Stepped down.

RAF_Cobber: 2004 – 2005. Promoted to W/C of Stallion Strike Wing

RAF_Madmus: 2005 - 2007. Former W/C of Stallion Strike Wing

RAF_Provost: 2007 - ? S/L for entire Stallion Wing.





Crest History:


First Foxtrot crest 1999 - 2006.

The Wing we were part of from 1999 to 2001 and again from 2003.

Our sister Squadron, which was a major part of our flights in 2003.

Second Foxtrot crest 2006 and used today. Our Wing in 2002. The Dropfox which have been our mascot since 2000.

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