Leg 01 - Rønne, Denmark - Bratislava, Slovakia


Driving to the airport early morning in my Stingray, to start the World Tour with


There, the sign to the Airport.


NavLog for the flight.


Last check before flight.


Engine startup. What a lovely sound.


Taxiing out just as Cimber Airs ATR-72 takes off for Copenhagen.


And we are off.


Heading South still climbing.


Last view of Bornholm.


Polish coast coming up.


Even with the heater turned on it is still only 0 degrees in the cockpit, brrrr!


Last view of the Baltic Sea.


Lots of snow down here.


Reached the Polish/Czech border.


Desend towards Bratislava, begins to get foggy.


Damn clouds, can't locate the Airport.


Ah, there it is. To the right.


Flaps and gear down.


On final on 22.


Touch down. Last picture before FS crashed to desktop.

Leg 02