Yakovlev Yak





Yak-1 296th IAP, yellow 44   The strikingly beautiful Lydia Litvyak was one of several women who served the Soviet Union as fighter pilots in the Great Patriotic War. She was known to her friends as as Lilya (lily), and is reputed to have been so fond of flowers that she would take some with her in the cockpit. Legendary as the White Rose of Stalingrad, she fought in the intense aerial engagements on that Front during spring and summer of 1943, ultimately scoring 12 victories. Wounder three times in action, she was killed fighting eight Me-109's on August 1, 1943. She was only 22 years old.

The zip contains two skins, one in black and AII green, the other in black and Factory green. The former is most likely correct, but the existing illustrations are conflicting. Use the one you like best!

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